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A wheelchair is a medical device to transport those with mobility dificulties!
An ill fitting chair will cause discomfort and at worst could be dangerous.
If you hired a pair of shoes you'd like them to fit and not give you blisters. Wheelchairs are the same, if you are going to sit in them for several hours at a time you want to be comfortable, not flop around or feel unsteady or have the back of the chair sticking in you.

A correctly fitting wheelchair is not only desirable it is essential. That is why only recommend and hire made to measure, high quality wheelchairs.
•  Made to measure
•  Folding
•  Adjustable back
•  Quick release wheels
•  Oversize attendant wheels (unique feature)
•  Attractive design
•  Narrow fit – for narrow doors
•  No hidden charges
•  Comfort
•  Perfect fit
•  Made for you
•  Leading brand of quality chair as used by    the NHS
•  Worry free
•  Personal assessment of need by trained    therapist if required
We know you probably wouldn't want to hire something previously used by someone else, you won't know where it been, which is why all our chairs are either new or completely refurbished to meet exacting clinical standards.

Did you know? All our hire wheelchairs can be bought at any point during the hire period.. Just contact us and we will arrange the rest.
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